In June of 1999, our first team went to Africa.

The team ministered in Nairobi, Kenya and this trip seemed to be more of an orientation experience to the foreign field.


Our second team went to Kenya, East Africa, in June of 2001, and their experience was greatly broadened! They ministered in Nairobi, under the direction of Rev. Joseph Mophat Kilioba, in churches there. They also went out to the Bush this time, under the direction of Rev. Lawrence Ochieng Halonda in Siaya, Kenya. They held various evangelistic crusades, even in remote places. The numbers of people attending the crusades, even in remote places was astounding! And, even more astounding, was the number who came forward to accept the Lord as their Savior! They had probably around 2,000 or more attending some of these crusades with hundreds giving their lives to the Lord!

It is unusual to see so many attending these remote crusades, as the people have to walk by foot for miles and stay there the entire week! But, God is doing a phenomenal work in all of the earth!

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